• With built in amplifier and perfect match of subwoofer and satellites design, the system reflect the purity of sound and creates powerful sound and creates powerful sound design.
  • Powerful woofer, acoustic air flow design.
  • Pretty shaped satellite speaker creates clear and gentle treble effect.
  • Ideal for PC and home appliance such as VCD, CD, DVD and TV etc.
  • Magnetically shielded for use with PC monitor and without any influence.
  • Front power, volume and bass control make it easy to adjust to your demanding level.

Technical Data:-

  1. Power Output: 26 RMS
  2. Frequency Response: 35Hz ~20 KHz
  3. Sensitivity Input: 350mV
  4. Harmonic Distortion: .3% 1W 1KHz
  5. S/N: 75dB
  6. Seperation: 50dB
  7. Speaker: Subwoofer 5
    Satellite 3x2
  8. Signal Output: 3.5 stereo jack
  9. Signal Output: double quincunx jack
  10. Power: AC220V~ 50Hz
  11. Outside Size: (Subwoofer)
    (Satellite speaker)



Product Range
Customised Power / Main Transformers Ferrite Transformers / Inductors Toroidal Transformers AC/DC Adapters
Input Devices Multimedia Speaker UPS Lamination

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