1. Power Rate
    Power Capacity: 450VA (225 Watts) , 600VA(325 Watts)

  2. Physical & Design
    Innovate Design for 3-Way Space Saver
    Light Wieght with Compact and Elegant Design
    Toroidal Power Transformer Technology (Toroid Inside)
    Easy Replacement Battery Design
    Intelligent Microprocessor Control
    Green Inverter Function Extends Battery

  3. Input Management
    Self Diagnosis
    Frequency Auto Sensing
    Voltage Regulation with Simulated Sine Wave Output.

  4. Output Management
    Cold Start on Battery Power
    TEL/MODEM/LAN Surge Protection
    Provide Power Surge Protection Outlets
    LED Indicators Display Operating Status
    Multi-Protection to UPS itself

  5. Communication Management
    Monitor the UPS with Management Software
    Provide Commmunication Interface Port



Product Range
Customised Power / Main Transformers Ferrite Transformers / Inductors Toroidal Transformers AC/DC Adapters
Input Devices Multimedia Speaker UPS Lamination

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